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How to climb the hotel career ladder

Do you dream of an international career as a manager in the world's most prestigious luxury hotels? With a quality hospitality education and the right industry connections, your dream can become a reality. Le Cordon Bleu will nurture your career from orientation through to graduation and beyond.

A luxury hotel is symbolic of wealth and success. They're a sanctuary for many of the world's most recognised names from celebrities to well-known business people. So why not dream about managing a luxury hotel and being recognised for your inspiring leadership?

Read on to discover what you need to chase your hotelier dreams.

Preparing for the industry

Hotel management is a challenging career, requiring a broad range of talents including planning, finance, human resources, leadership and marketing. The depth of experience in a successful hotel manager's skill-set can take years to develop without formal training.

To gain the leadership expertise for a career in hotel management, apply for a Le Cordon Bleu Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management) or Master of International Hospitality Management. The Bachelor’s programme is available in both Adelaide and Sydney, with the Master’s degree offered in Adelaide. During your three-year Bachelor of Business, you'll develop your potential to lead within an organisation, and learn how to raise hotel productivity and achieve long-term success. The Master’s degree will teach you next-level leadership and equip you for senior management positions worldwide.

Managing the world's finest hotels starts with Le Cordon Bleu.

Getting your foot in the door

The theory of hotel management is only half the battle. This is why Le Cordon Bleu provides Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements for students. WIL industry placements give students a chance to apply their skills in a real workplace. It's during these placements that students begin to understand the theory behind their studies, and appreciate their chosen industries.

WIL placements shape students into work-ready graduates with real industry experience on their resumes, and connect them with potential employers - many from leading international establishments.WIL allows students to network while gaining practical experience.

A global network to further your career

Career advancement won't necessarily happen overnight. Moving up the hotel management ladder requires perserverance and determination.

Read this interview with alumnus Steve Tan, who studied a Le Cordon Bleu Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management) at Le Cordon Bleu in Adelaide and has enjoyed an international career working in luxury hotels where he has risen to the role of front office manager.

I chose Le Cordon Bleu for its reputation as a quality educator and leading culinary arts provider. The high standard of living in Australia was also a deciding factor - Steve Tan, Alumnus

One of the great benefits of a Le Cordon Bleu degree is admission to an international alumni family in the global hospitality industry. The alumni network exists to support students’ lifelong learning and professional development, and can connect you with industry leaders around the world. The online portal promotes career opportunities and strengthens relationships between alumni, old and new.

If you want to manage the finest hotels in the world, contact us today to discover how Le Cordon Bleu can help you realise your dreams.