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Le Cordon Bleu celebrates the third edition of the Goût de France event on top of the Arc de Triomphe

Gout de France Le Cordon Bleu Paris Arc de Triomphe
20 March 2017 – On Tuesday 21 March 2017, Le Cordon Bleu takes part in the Goût de France event, a global gastronomic stage, organized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

The goal of Goût de France is to pay tribute to the excellence of French culinary expertise in more than 2000 venues around the globe and in French Embassies who promote this celebration in a resounding fashion.

The theme of the third Goût de France edition is education in the restaurant, hospitality and tourism sectors. This is why, on Tuesday 21 March, tourists will have the opportunity to sample emblematic delicacies on top of a historical monument, the Arc de Triomphe, with a variety of training institutions present.

Eric Briffard and Le Cordon Bleu Paris students

Chef Eric Briffard, Best Craftsmen in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France - MOF), Le Cordon Bleu Paris Executive Chef and Culinary Arts Director orchestrates the event, with the support of his students, to offer the following dishes:

Other Institutes in Le Cordon Bleu international network are also taking part in the Goût de France event:

Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who honoured Le Cordon Bleu Paris with his visit to the new Institute for the closing evening of Ambassadors’ Week on 1 September 2016, stated:

Gastronomy is one of the pillars of France’s heritage. The uniqueness of our products and wines reflects the diversity of our landscapes and our terroirs. The expertise of our Chefs and the art of French living attract tourists and travellers from around the globe...

Jean Marc Ayrault Ministre des Affaires Etrangères chefs et étudiants Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Le Cordon Bleu is actively involved in the Goût de France initiative…” stated André Cointreau, Le Cordon Bleu International President. “…Le Cordon Bleu is extremely successful in reaching its goal of teaching French gastronomy and spreading its influence around the globe. French culinary techniques can be applied to any world cuisine.  During the Goût de France event, our graduates, “ambassadors” of French gastronomy, also highlight all over the world French culinary techniques as they are taught at Le Cordon Bleu. As such, Le Cordon Bleu contributes to the economic, linguistic and cultural influence of France”.

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