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Early Bird Campaign

Early Bird Campaign

We will soon be updating our tuition fees for 2018, but applicants who complete payment before February 28th, 2018, will benefit from our 2017 rates. For those of you still thinking of applying, the time is now!

Along with the change to tuition, we have also overhauled our Cuisine programme. The culinary world is continually changing and our programmes are evolving in stride to provide you with the most relevant education. The previous 4-level programme will now consist of 3 levels, a course structure aligned with the all Le Cordon Bleu institutes around the globe. As a student of Le Cordon Bleu Japan, not only are you learning the best, but you can now transfer between any of our international campuses more easily than before.

The tuition for our Cuisine Diploma will change to reflect the improvements to the programme. However, if you apply and complete payment before February 28th, 2018, you will benefit from pre-overhaul tuition fees, so don’t miss out!

Early Bird Campaign

Campaign Details

Duration: 12/13/2017 – 2/28/2018 (midnight, Japan time)
Benefit: programmes for 2018 at 2017 rates*
Eligibility: prospective students considering enrolment into our Cuisine, Pastry, or Bakery diploma programmes, opening after 2018 Spring Term
*all payment must be complete by February 28th, 2018


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