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Cuisine Diploma Renewal – 2018

Le Cordon Bleu Japan is pleased to announce exciting new changes to the Cuisine Diploma Programme. Commencing in 2018, the programme will be converted to 3 levels of Basic, Intermediate and Superior Cuisine and the content upgraded to respond to rapid globalization and culinary trends. Furthermore these new changes will provide a smooth transition for Japanese and International students alike who wish to have the option of undertaking their studies in Le Cordon Bleu schools around the world. Basic Cuisine will introduce students to the fundamental cooking techniques and kitchen organization skills. During Intermediate Cuisine, students will reinforce these techniques as they apply them to French regional cuisine with an emphasis on an innovative bistronomie approach. Upon reaching Superior Cuisine, students will learn more advanced techniques and work with high end ingredients whilst also expressing their creativity. Finally students will plan a culinary event to showcase all of the skills, knowledge and techniques gained during the programme.

Le Cordon Bleu Japan Cuisine Diploma Renewal – 2018

Basic Cuisine (182.5 hours / 6 weeks)

Basic Cuisine is designed to develop students’ competencies to work in a professional kitchen. Beginning with basic knife skills, students steadily progress to learn stocks, sauces, butchery and all classic cooking methods whilst familiarizing themselves with French culinary terminology. Students will also develop personal kitchen organization skills through individual practical application.

Intermediate Cuisine (181 hours / 6 weeks)

Intermediate Cuisine introduces students to the concepts of Bistronomie which draw upon the classic French regional cuisine heritage in a fresh, modern and innovative manner. Through this learning, students will build upon skills and knowledge gained in Basic Cuisine whilst focusing on attention to detail for mise en place, organization and presentation of dishes.

Superior Cuisine (179 hours/3 months)

During Superior Cuisine, the students will apply advanced preparation and cooking techniques including butchery skills, vegetable garnishes, developing textures, personal creativity, and contemporary plate presentation. Students will master intricate culinary techniques and methods using high-end ingredients. Working as a team, students will plan and host a culinary event showcasing dishes of high quality and taste.



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