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              Completion of the Initiation, Basic, Intermediate and Superior Cuisine Certificates results in the award of the Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Diploma. Students progressively learn the necessary skills to create fine cuisine through a combination of practical sessions and demonstrations, gaining knowledge from a team of classically trained Master Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu who have experience working in senior positions in the world’s finest kitchens and Michelin starred restaurants.

              New Cuisine Diploma

              Le Cordon Bleu Japan Cuisine Diploma Renewal – 2018


              • Cuisine Dipoma
              • Initiation Cuisine Certificate

                Prerequisite: None
                This course introduces students to fundamental cooking techniques in cuisine. With a strong importance placed on fundamentals such as hygiene, preparation and work flow, students learn to master the basics including how to hold a knife properly, cutting techniques and elementary methods of cooking.

                Duration : 129 hours
                Core Objectives
                Demonstrate fundamental basic cuisine preparation and cooking techniques including

              • Basic Cuisine Certificate

                Prerequisite: Initiation Cuisine Certificate 
                Students continue to develop their technical skills and build on their knowledge gained in Initiation Cuisine Certificate. Students will also be introduced to regional French cuisine as they apply their skills to more complex recipes.

                  Duration : 135 hours
                  Implement all the initiation techniques learned and apply them to fundamental French regional cuisine and culinary techniques including:
                • developing specific knife skills
                • preparing live shellfish
                • developing butchery skills and fish filleting
                • developing vegetable cutting and cooking techniques
                • developing pastry skills
                • developing sauce knowledge
                • preparing farce
                • practicing cooking techniques including deep frying, braising, roasting, poaching and saute
                • practicing unilateral cooking, salamander, confit and stewing techniques
                • introduction to restaurant desserts
                • traditional plating presentation
                • identifying specific European techniques and cuisine
                • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
                • Extrapolate personal kitchen organization and management skills
              • Intermediate Cuisine Certificate

                Prerequisite: Basic Cuisine Certificate 
                In the Intermediate Cuisine Certificate, students will continue to learn classic French regional dishes at a higher level as they continue to strengthen and apply techniques learned in the Initiation and Basic Cuisine Certificate. With practice and repetition, students will gradually begin to perform tasks more instinctively and easily. Students are also introduced to modern and classic plating presentations.

                  Duration : 135 hours
                  Core Objectives
                  Implement basic techniques learned and apply them to fundamental French regional cuisine, pastry and culinary techniques including:
                • extending cooking techniques including salmis, braising, smoking and sautee
                • developing butchery skills
                • developing fish cooking techniques
                • preparing live shellfish
                • developing vegetable cutting techniques and cooking methods
                • consolidation of sauce techniques
                • pasta and brioche
                • developing farce techniques
                • sausage preparation – drying, smoking and confit
                • offal
                • classic plating presentation
                • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
                • Extrapolate personal kitchen organization and management skills
              • Superior Cuisine Certificate

                Prerequisite: Intermediate Cuisine Certificate 
                In the Superior Cuisine Certificate, students will be introduced to the evolution of French Cuisine and the menu trends from leading restaurant kitchens. The ingredients are more refined and include items such as ris de veau, venision and Guinea fowl. Students are encouraged to be more creative in their cooking and presentation as they strive for excellence and build their future vision for their careers.

                  Duration : 132 hours
                  Core Objectives
                  Demonstrate a wide range of fundamental classical and contemporary cuisine techniques including
                • extending cooking techniques
                • introductory molecular gastronomy
                • sous-vide
                • advanced butchery and fish filleting skills
                • specific preparation of cooking skills for vegetables and garnishes
                • extending dough techniques
                • compile classic and modern plating presentations
                • expressing personal plating presentation
                • elaborating world flavors and texture techniques
                • seasonal and market influences on cuisine
                • Meet health safety and hygiene regulations
                • Extrapolate personal kitchen organization and management skills