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Blue Ribbon French Artisan Bread Making Workshop

le Cordon Bleu Adelaide
Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide short course - Artisan Traditional Bread Baking Workshop

Le Cordon Bleu presents hands-on artisan bread baking workshop

Held over 2 days, on the 10th and 11th November, Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide presented a Traditional Bread Baking Workshop which taught participants the secret techniques of French and European breads.  The workshop was run by international award winner Paul Tiglau, currently ranked 6th in the world after competing at Mondial Du Pain in St Etienne, France, and winner of the prestigious SIGEP baking competition held in Remini, Italy. 

The workshop covered the whole methodology of traditional bread baking: how to prepare the flour, how to calculate temperatures, process waters, and the technology behind yeasts.  Paul Tiglau also provided participants with training on the uses of fresh yeast, the different types and qualities of flour, and how to master the various stages of bread baking in the traditional way; including how to master yeast, leaven and fermentation, a crucial step in making perfect home-made bread.

Participants explored different bread types from traditional white bread (baguette and small bread), Country Style bread (Potato and Rosemary sourdough), Olive and Dried Tomato bread, Fougasses, and specialty Rye breads. 

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