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Le Cordon Bleu International Master Chef Program is specifically designed for those who are interested in devoting themselves in the global hospitality industry or who plan to start their own business. This 15month program incorporates both practical techniques and culinary management where students can gain relevant industry knowledge and skills at the management level whether it is in hotels or restaurants.

4 intakes each year: Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn

Key Information

Duration: 15 months (4 Stages)
Price: NTD 1,054,220 (Fees include: ingredients, uniforms, knife kits and learning materials)

Hours per week: Approximately 18 hours, 3-4 days per week
Teaching methods: Demonstration classes, practical classes, theory classes and culinary management classes. The program will be taught in English. Only demo classes in Stage 1 to 3 will be taught alone with Chinese translators.
Entry requirements:

  • Above 18 years old.
  • Evidence of English language proficiency. The English language requirement is IELTS 5.0 / TOEIC 550 / TOEFL ibt 67 or above.
  • Male applicants should complete their military service.
  • Entry level is accepted.

Course Information

    Stage One:Basic Pâtisserie(3 months)

    Basic Pâtisserie is designed to give students a strong foundation on which to build their Pâtisserie skills and knowledge. As students progress, they learn to prepare a wide selection of desserts and pastries through practical sessions and demonstrations. This exciting course introduces the various concepts, properties and applications of Pâtisserie which are essential for working in the industry.

    Core Units
    • Standard Pâtisserie Skills
    • Kitchen Operation 1
    • Food Safety and hygiene in Catering
    Core Objectives
    • Demonstrate fundamental basic Pâtisserie preparations and baking techniques including:
      1. knife skills
      2. elementary sugar cooking techniques
      3. tart production techniques
      4. basic pastry doughs e.g. short crust, sweet dough and puff pastry
      5. simple breads
      6. petits fours baking skills
      7. basic entremets skills
      8. piping techniques
    • Identify French culinary terms
    • Completion of Level 2 Food Safety Certification
    • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Identify wine & alcoholic beverages
    • Obtain basic cheese knowledge
    • Develop personal kitchen organization and management skills
    Stage Two:Intermediate Pâtisserie(3 months)
    Prerequisite: Basic Pâtisserie

    During Intermediate Pâtisserie you begin to master fundamental techniques, such as making a génoise sponge, and your proficiency will allow you to focus more on decoration. You will also be introduced to sugar sculpting and more advanced chocolate work, developing skills such as chocolate piping and casting, and preparing restaurant-style desserts. Under the guidance of our chefs, you are able to develop essential artistic skills.

    Core Units
    • Viennoiserie and French Baguette
    • Chocolate decoration techniques
    • Cream and stuffing produ Sweet dough and Baguette techniques ction techniques
    • Kitchen Operation 2
    • Food Safety and hygiene in Catering
    Core Objectives
    • Implement all the basic techniques learned and apply them to fundamental advanced Pâtisserie and bakery preparation techniques including:
      1. chocolate piping techniques
      2. elementary cake decoration techniques
      3. introduction to viennoiserie e.g. brioche, croissant.
      4. developing chocolate skills
      5. classical French entremets
      6. introduction to hot and cold plated desserts
      7. chocolate centerpiece skills
      8. tempering technique
    • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Experience food and wine pairing
    • Study cheese production knowledge
    • Extrapolate personal kitchen organization and management skills
    Stage Three:Superior Pâtisserie(3 months)
    Prerequisite: Intermediate Pâtisserie

    Superior Pâtisserie combines all the knowledge, techniques and artistic skills previously acquired and encourages you to personalize your work. Practical sessions, demonstrations and theory lessons help you gain a thorough understanding of the principals involved, with a strong focus on developing advanced levels of artistic and creative work. Superior Pâtisserie students will also learn to host formal events which provide a taste of working in the industry - producing food in quantity, working in team to a deadline and exposure to the hospitality environment and create desserts with high quality in both aesthetics and flavors.

    Core Units
    • Hot and cold contemporary plated desserts for restaurants
    • Petits fours and chocolate production techniques
    • Afternoon tea and event organization
    • Sugar cooking techniques and decoration
    • Kitchen Operations 3
    • Food Safety and hygiene in Catering
    Core Objectives
    • Master advanced techniques and confectionery methods including:
      1. hot and cold contemporary plated desserts for restaurants
      2. decoration and presentation
      3. entremets design and decoration
      4. contemporary pated desserts
      5. confectionary and molded chocolate
      6. international boulangerie techniques
      7. Artistic cooked sugar centerpiece techniques e.g. pouring, pulling, casting, colour, marbling and blowing
      8. seasonal and market influences on Pâtisserie
    • Meet health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Analyse sweet wine and dessert pairing
    • Discover cheese beyond taste
    • Establish personal kitchen organization and management skills
    Stage Four

    In this stage, you will incorporate the techniques and knowledge learnt previously and develop their self-management skills in the industrial environment through workshops and projects. In addition, you will also obtain management knowledge by taking courses including Food & Beverage Service, Management Concept, Restaurant Management and Communication and have the comprehensive skills to start your own business or work at the management level.


    Le Cordon Bleu International Master Chef Program is suitable for everyone, especially for those who plan to start their own business or try to pursue their career in the global hospitality industry.


    Successful graduates of the International Master Chef Program will earn a Le Cordon Bleu qualification celebrated in many countries across the world.

    Please note that if students decide to drop out during the program, they will only receive the transcript with subjects lists they have completed.


    Applicants will have the conditional offer if he/she can not provide the evidence of English language proficiency. To fulfil the condition(s), applicants must send the official documentary proof of your English test scores no later than the commencement date of Stage 4.If students cannot provide English test result as required level, he/she can choose either:

    • Deferment: Student will need to provide the English test result within the deferment period  and continue to study in Stage 4.
    • Withdraw: If students withdraw the program, he/she can only be granted by Le Cordon Bleu with the Certificate of "Diplome de Commis Cuisinier " or "Diplome de Commis Patisserie". Students can still re-apply with appication fee to continue their study in Stage 4 once they can provide the evidence of English proficiency.
    • Above 18 years old.
    • Male applicants should complete their military service.
    • Entry level is accepted.

    Applicants can apply either online or by email with the following mateirals:

    • Complete application form.
    • CV
    • Motivation letter (300 to 500 words).
    • 2-inches portrait photo.
    • A copies of your ID cards or passport.
    • Evidence of English language proficiency.
    • A copy of the Draft Discharge Order/Draft Exemption.
    • Proof of payment of application fee.
    • Relevant certificates (Optional).

    Applicants are required to pay the administration fee and tuition fees by bank transfer. The tuition can be paid in full or by installment as below:

    • The first installment - Stage 1&2: NTD$ 504,670
    • The second installment - Stage 3: NTD$ 226,330
    • The third installment - Stage 4: NTD$ 315,220

    For the refund and deferment, please find on the General Policies page.

    Sorry. The information is not available at the moment.

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