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Running a restaurant is no easy task despite the glamour associated with it. You need to know what's going on around you at all times. Many present-day dining establishments use innovative technology and equipment on a daily basis, so the right training is important to if you're considering entering this field. This is the 21st century and if you don't evolve with the times, you'll certainly get left behind. Fortunately for those individuals who are interested in pursuing a restaurant management position in one or more of the world’s best and most prestigious dining establishments, there is a place to get the very best training.

Le Cordon Bleu has dominated the world in gastronomy and fine dining since the late 1800s. Today, its stretch reaches into more than 20 countries. With in excess of 20,000 students at 35 institutions worldwide, Le Cordon Bleu has evolved into the largest network of hospitality and culinary schools on the planet. The management field in this area is wide open and steadily growing to meet public demand. This article is written to give those who are interested in restaurants a better idea of the education and careers that are available.

Intakes: January & July.

Key Information

Duration: The Bachelor of Business degrees are three-year programmes. The course comprises four stages of six-month semesters each and the final stage is taken over 12 months (2 semesters). Each semester is normally 20 to 22 weeks of scheduled classes.
Stages 2 and 4 are taken up with Professional Experience to allow students to develop and apply principles and practices through work industry learning.
Tuition fees: AU$78,789
Age: 18.
English proficiency: 6.0 Academic IELTS with no band score below 5.5.
Entry requirements: Satisfactory completion of Australian Year 12 or equivalent interstate/overseas secondary education is required. Applicants must be 18 years of age when the course commences.
All direct entry Stage 3 students must undertake the Le Cordon Bleu Bridging Course, a one-week programme offered immediately before each semester.

Program Details and What to Expect

This 3-year multi-disciplinary program prepares students for the field of restaurant management. The focus is realistic training and students are taught to deal with real-world situations. To succeed in this industry, strategic thinking and critical analysis of management styles are required. The program is thorough and intricate in its detail, preparing you to handle the complex situations that may arise in the everyday workplace. Other highlights of the course are the opportunity to experience work-based learning strategies and deal with pragmatic business situations. Students will surely need to put on their thinking caps if they want to achieve a Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management).

If achieving a Bachelor of Business Degree is your goal, you'll need to dedicate 3 years to the program. The course comprises 4 semesters of six months and consists of lectures and tutorials. You can expect anywhere between 20 to 22 weeks of classes, while the final stage, which is equivalent to 2 semesters, is taken over a period of 12 months. It may sound like a lot, but once you are enrolled and involved everything falls into place.

Restaurant Management Course Structure

After starting the course, which has intakes in January and July, you will notice the diverse structure of the course. Remember, this is business management and you'll definitely be learning valuable skills through a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Kitchen Operations Management
  • Management Concepts
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Managers (Decision Making)
  • Food and Wine Philosophy
  • Hospitality Business Law
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Management.

As stated previously, the course is designed to give you hands-on experiences real world that takes you beyond the classroom and into work-based experiences that prepare you for the real thing. Be assured that Le Cordon Bleus' professional service team is always there for assistance when needed. This all forms part of the foundation that will pay off as you apply for and obtain a career in restaurant management. Positions in the field include: such as:

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Catering Manager
  • Cafe' and Bar Owner
  • Banquet Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager.

Finally, it is worth noting that within just 3 years you could be enjoying a world-renowned career in restaurant management. Since most people enjoy eating out, this field will continue to grow well into the future.

2017 Young Entrepreneur Scholarships

The scholarships are available for both domestic and international students wishing to commence their studies in January 2017.

Scholarship: Tuition fee (only) reduction valued at AUD$30,000 dispersed over three years.

Two scholarships awarded for Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management).


  • Shawn-Yeo-160x160
    Le Cordon Bleu is a worldwide name. My course gave me the opportunity to learn what it means to really manage hospitality establishments.
    Shawn Yeo - Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management) Alumnus
  • Ian-Zeng-160x160
    I know the outstanding service training students receive at Le Cordon Bleu.
    Ian Zeng - Bachelor of Business (Hotel & Resort Management) Alumnus
  • James-Spinkston-160x160
    I’ve been lucky to travel quite a lot and that has made me want to offer those experiences to others, share that dream.
    James Spinkston - Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management) Class of 2015
  • taylor-160
    Through the combination of my work experience, the hands-on components and detailed theory that Le Cordon Bleu offers in gastronomic practise, communication skills, financial principles, food product development, entrepreneurial management skills and more, I have been provided an exclusive opportunity to fulfill my goal to open a small business showcasing the culinary delights from countries I have visited and dream of visiting, all using the excellence and variety of local South Australian produce.
    Taylor - Bachelor of Business (Food Entrepreneurship) Class of 2016
  • Yoshnaa-SURESH-KARRUNAN-160

    I realised I wanted to be part of the food industry when I discovered the beauty of making homemade marshmallows. It was mesmerising to see that my own two hands were able to create such a technical candy. Personally I see art in every form. Art has played an important role in my life and food is a way that I can express myself instead in paper form. I see my life heading towards the food industry because I am passionate about food and I want my life to revolve around it so that I can proudly say that I love my job and all it offers.

    Yoshnaa KARRUNAN - Bachelor of Business (Food Entrepreneurship) current student
  • Hsin-Cheng-(Amber)-160x160
    The most important things I learned at Le Cordon Bleu were the skills in Pâtisserie and how to work efficiently as a team.
    Hsin Cheng (Amber) - Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant and Catering Management) & Diplôme de Pâtisserie (Certificate III in Pâtisserie) Alumnus

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