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Training and professions in the wine industry


Le Cordon Bleu Paris offers you the opportunity to learn about the wine industry through a variety of oenology courses. Discover these professions - a true passion for those who practice them and those who teach them.

What jobs can be offered in the wine industry?

With an oenology degree, you can pursue a variety of careers in the wine and spirits industry. Here is a non-exhaustive selection of wine-related professions that can be accessed with a Le Cordon Bleu diploma.

Become a sommelier

When one thinks of the wine business, one of the first jobs that comes to mind is the sommelier. As a true wine expert, the sommelier works on the sales floor. Their mastery of wine allows them to give the best advice to customers and restaurant chefs, when they decide to add wine to their dishes.

The sommelier must be able to recognize wines by smell and taste. They must be able to identify the year and accurately describe the aromas experienced in technical terms. He must therefore be convincing and master his speech. All in all, the sommelier is a salesman!

This profession can be practiced in a wine bar as well as in a gastronomic restaurant or in a hotel.

The wine merchant's job

The wine merchant is the person in charge of a wine cellar that is open to the public. He works directly with initiated or novice customers and must therefore be gifted with commercial and pedagogical skills. They must be able to explain in detail and in accessible terms the characteristics of their wines in order to advise their customers in the best conditions.

Other professions in the wine sector

Wine consulting was born about sixty years ago. It consists in accompanying wine growers and producers from the vinification to the sale thanks to a rigorous project management. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the particularities of each wine region and viticulture techniques, wine consultants can bring rigorous expertise to wine professionals looking for freshness in their vineyard or winery.

In the course of their career, the wine consultant may meet with the cellar master. The latter occupies the role of manager and is involved at the beginning of the winemaking process: in collaboration with the oenologist, the cellar master develops the best harvest and fermentation strategy. He intervenes with each component of the winery to bring his opinion and recommendations.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris training programmes to work in the wine industry

Le Cordon Bleu Paris is fully committed to promoting French culture through its oenology programmes. Become a wine expert with these two courses.

Wine & Management Diploma

The Wine & Management Diploma is for students who wish to be completely rooted in the world of wine. Thanks to the partnership with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, students can obtain a double degree "Wine Culture Heritage and Tourism" delivered by URCA, and "Wine & Management" delivered by Le Cordon Bleu. The courses are taught in English.

The training is 10 months long and includes a very complete program of 25 hours of classes per week. The educational content is divided into three parts. First, the teachers provide theoretical and practical knowledge about wine. Then, students will learn about project management and entrepreneurship. Finally, the programme will conclude with a 16-week internship.

Register now for the start of the school year in September 2023!

Intensive Wine Course

The Intensive Wine Course was created to introduce students to wines and spirits. The two-week course consists of 55 hours during which students discover the diversity of French wines and learn about the art of oenology.

 For candidates who choose the 3-week formula, the programme also includes 28 hours dedicated to wine tasting and to deepening the knowledge acquired during the first two weeks. 

Students will have the chance to discover a teaching method combining theory and practice. There is no need to be an experienced oenologist to enroll, the courses are open to all! Classes are taught in French and then translated into English to make them as accessible as possible.

At the end of this short course, a written test and a wine tasting are held to verify the good understanding of the lessons. A certification of successful completion of the course is issued to the student according to their results.

The next session will take place on June 5, 2023. Remember to register now to get a chance to attend!

Testimonials from successful Le Cordon Bleu wine students

Our success rate in our various courses encourages us to stay in touch with our former students. Among all the success stories we are proud of, we have chosen to share with you Rob Ringenberg and Stéphane Lecenes' testimonials. They were respectively enrolled in the Intensive Oenology Course and the Wine & Management Diploma.

Rob Ringenberg's testimony

In 2021, Rob Ringenberg wanted to shake up his daily life and decided to enroll in the Intensive Wine Course to further his knowledge of wine and spirits. Here is his testimony:

"This course exceeded my expectations in every way. The instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and made it very interesting. My only regret was that the class ended. I think the whole class would have gladly spent another week learning as much as possible. The wines we tasted, the food and wine pairing lunch, the Riedel master class, everything was top notch. As an English speaker, I must also highlight Sophie's translation skills. She didn't just translate, she really got into the subject herself and sometimes asked questions that we all enjoyed (in French or English)."

Stéphane Lecenes' testimony

Like Rob, Stéphane has been cultivating his passion for wine for many years. By training in Wine & Management, he was able to deepen his knowledge and practice his profession in the best conditions at La Cave à Riton located in Vauréal. Here is how he benefited from his experience at Le Cordon Bleu:

"I now combine passion and professional life, which was a goal for me for many years. I strive to offer quality, original and sometimes rare wines and spirits in order to always satisfy my clients. The training I received at Le Cordon Bleu gave me the opportunity to complete this network thanks to the meetings with the different speakers (sommeliers, agents, representatives of the appellations, etc.) All this without forgetting the trips to the French vineyards, the trade shows I attended during the training, the numerous tastings I did during the courses or the wines selected by Mr. Ramage.”

Frequently asked questions

What training is required to work in the wine industry?

Le Cordon Bleu offers two wine related programmes. The Wine & Management programme is a double degree course delivered by Le Cordon Bleu and URCA (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne). The Intensive Wine Course lasts 2 to 3 weeks and provides a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

What jobs can be done in the wine sector?

Wine professions are numerous, but some are only accessible with a degree in viticulture-oenology. Nevertheless, Le Cordon Bleu guarantees that you will receive a comprehensive education from seasoned professionals. Some of the most common occupations for our alumni include:

-    Sommelier in a wine and spirits bar, gourmet restaurant or hotel;
-    Wine waiter in a wine boutique;
-    Wine consultant;
-    Cellar master;
-    And much more.

What qualities are required to work in the wine industry?

It all depends on the profession. However, similar qualities can be found in every wine-related job. First of all, you have to show pedagogy to understand and explain the characteristics of each wine. You need to have commercial skills because in many cases, it is about selling!

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