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Taste the Art Ottawa Contest Winner: Amanda Veras

Taste the Art Ottawa Contest WInner Amanda

To help celebrate Canada's 150th we ran a culinary contest Taste the Art Ottawa, where contestants had to transform the Ottawa Parliament Hill, Peace Tower - the political and cultural heart of the city into a work of food art to enter.

With so many creative entries and a tough decision for our judges, Amanda Veras was announced the lucky winner with her 90cm tall by 50cm wide Vanilla cake with fondant icing and Pastillage.

Amanda was prized with a complimentary pass to our ‘Chocolate Easter Egg’ short course at our Ottawa campus, dinner at Signatures Restaurant as well as one night’s stay in the newly renovated Ottawa Embassy Hotel and Suites.

We caught up with Amanda afterwards on her experience and this is what she had to say.

Tell us a about yourself and where you're from?

I was born in Brazil. Since I was a young girl my father's dream was that I graduated as a lawyer, and I did just that. In 2002, I decided to pursue my own dreams, which always had to do with the culinary arts. In 2008 I began making decorated themed cakes, and never really stopped. In 2015 I came to Canada to try to improve my [pastry] skills through specialized courses.  Right now I’m studying English and in June I will begin my basic pastry program with Le Cordon Bleu.  

What made you decide to apply for the Taste the Art Ottawa competition?

I had seen this competition advertised, but I thought that it would be too much for me. A friend of mine, who had also been my teacher, phoned me and encouraged me to apply. I thought really, what do I have to lose? It’s my second year in Canada, having the privilege of being in Ottawa during such a historical and important year with the chance to celebrate it doing what I love to do most [create pastries] and from the school I dream of graduating one day! I decided to enter...

What was it like finding out you won the competition?

I have no words for that moment, just a mix of gratitude, emotion and happiness! For certain...it’s been one of the most important things I’ve ever won.

What was it like attending the ‘Chocolate Easter Eggs’ short course?

The short course was like entering a new world of knowledge in chocolate. I never thought I could learn so much in such small time...for example, if you are tempering milk chocolate, melt it to 45°C, cool again to 26°C, and reheat to 29°C!

What types of food are you most passionate about?

Cakes and bonbons are always my first choices, since I found out how to use moldings to make beautiful edible art - I love cake!

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