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Sunny Lin (Taiwan) – Cuisine Diploma

Sunny Lin (Taiwan) – Cuisine Diploma

Q: You've worked in restaurants before coming to Le Cordon Bleu,
so what's the difference between learning at a restaurant and at a school?

A: The way they teach at school is more systematic and thorough. When you work at a restaurant, you first need to earn respect from the chef for them to teach you. It then takes a long time to actually improve and master the techniques. The ingredients that you deal with are also limited to the ones on the menu.

At school, there are a lot of ingredients that I can touch and experiment with. I can also learn different skills from different chefs. French chefs usually show us techniques and explain the history and culture behind each dish. Japanese chefs tend to teach us how to respect our work, and show us the right attitude in the kitchen.





Guest Chef Andrej Urosevic

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