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New online Certificate in Plant-Based Pâtisserie

Le Cordon Bleu London is pleased to announce the launch of its Certificate in Plant-Based Pâtisserie. This unique new online programme specialises in entirely plant-based pastry, incorporating plant-based and health research for a new approach to pâtisserie arts with an entirely online delivery.

This new certificate programme has been created to provide students with accessible further education, to enhance learning and develop new practical skills and culinary knowledge. The course is designed and delivered by Le Cordon Bleu chefs through online culinary demonstrations, classroom theory, tutorial sessions and seminars.

Sustainable diets and plant-based ingredients are currently the most innovative and on-trend developments in the culinary world. Following the launch of Le Cordon Bleu London’s Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts in 2020, the success, demand and growth in this area has been evident, so Le Cordon Bleu is meeting the need for short programmes, online education and professional development programmes in plant-based food.

Over 10 weeks students on the Certificate in Plant-Based Pâtisserie will gain a practical introduction to the substitution of animal ingredients to plant-based ingredients. The certificate will provide education within plant-based alternatives and substitutions whilst using the classical techniques and skills of pâtisserie art and science. The programme particularly focuses on new ingredients which are rapidly evolving in the pâtisserie space along with techniques in aeration, emulsification, thickening and setting, and incorporates this knowledge by exploring the taste, texture and flavour of plant-based ingredients. There will also be an emphasis on allergens within pâtisserie products and the theory of substitution, ingredients and product knowledge.

Nicolas Houchet, Deputy Head of Pâtisserie at Le Cordon Bleu London commented “The certificate is based on the fundamental techniques and classical pâtisserie tradition, only using plant-based ingredients, which are evolving rapidly in the industry. Following customer interest in nutrition and healthy diets, the course aims to provide a new approach to the art of pâtisserie.

Find out more about the Certificate in Plant-Based Pâtisserie and our professional cookery courses and other culinary programmes.

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