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New Short Courses for 2024


Alongside full-time professional diploma programmes, Le Cordon Bleu London provides a wide range of short courses which are aimed at culinary enthusiasts and home cooks, as well as professionals looking to learn a specific skill.

Whether you’re interested in gaining essential knife skills and cuisine techniques, learning the methods to execute perfect pâtisseries, brush up your bakery skills or delve into the world of wine tasting there’s a short course for you.

Alongside the existing line up of fantastic short courses and masterclasses are a selection of newly launched classes. New for 2024, Le Cordon Bleu London have introduced a series of Italian themed short courses which will explore different regions of Italy through their cuisine. The regions explored include Campania, Liguria, Lombardia and Tuscany, with one session also exclusively focussing on Pasta.

Also new this year is The Art of Making a Beef Wellington short course where you can learn to expertly make this classic British dish, and Moroccan Cuisine in which you can explore the cuisine of Morocco through classic dishes which are synonymous with the country.

Discover all of Le Cordon Bleu London’s professional programmes and short cookery courses and start your culinary journey today.

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