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              Le Cordon Bleu London’s cake fit for a queen

              In celebration of the 70th wedding anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Le Cordon Bleu London was commissioned to recreate their original wedding cake for 'A Very Royal Wedding' which aired on 30 October 2017 in the UK.

              Le Cordon Bleu London’s cake fit for a queen

              The documentary tells the story of how the wedding was organised in 1947 and celebrates the contributions of all those who made the wedding a unique occasion.

              Head Pâtisserie Chef Julie Walsh from Le Cordon Bleu London led the exciting project, and spent several months in early 2017 recreating the royal wedding cake. The fruit cake was meticulously made to size and covered in white royal icing with different tiers weighing 500lb, the weight of the original cake. Chef Julie worked with a team of chefs and students to research the project, scouring archives and old pictures to come up with the full recipe for the cake, including the intricate decorations.

              Le Cordon Bleu is publishing a series of fascinating behind-the-scenes articles on the making of the cake, the first article is ‘How was the Queen’s royal wedding cake baked?’

              Congratulations to Head Pâtisserie Chef Julie Walsh and her team for showcasing the talent and expertise of Le Cordon Bleu in such an impressive, high profile project.

              Le Cordon Bleu London’s cake fit for a queen