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Who is the programme for?

le cordon bleu dusit
Nowadays we offer a wide range of culinary arts, wine, and management. Regardless of your background, by graduating with Le Cordon Bleu Dusit, you’ll become part of a great tradition of excellence, with credentials that will set you apart from the competition in a demanding and changing industry.

Our programme is designed for every culinary dream which can be divided into 4 types:
1. Casual Students
2. Dream of Owning Restaurant
3. Become a Professional Chef
4. Restaurant Owner

Casual Students
You already have the main profession and cooking is one of your hobbies. You enjoy cooking for your friends or family.

Dream of Owning Restaurant
You are passionate about cooking and have an idea of starting a food business. Some may already have the main profession but dream to become a restaurant owner. Your reasons for enrolling in cooking class - to learn more about cooking techniques, various recipes, and restaurant management.

Become a Professional Chef
You want to become a Chef as a main profession! Most of the people in this category are a young passionate who interested in cooking and aspired to be a chef. Your reasons for enrolling in cooking class - to become a chef, gain professional knowledge and develop your career path.

Restaurant Owner
You already established a restaurant or have a family-owned restaurant. You've got experienced in the eatery industry and aims to develop new recipes and expand the current business. Your reasons for enrolling in cooking class -  improve cooking skills, increase credibility, create more recipes.

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Open House - All Programmes

Open House - All Programmes

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