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How can Instagram lead to your next career?

Do you post photos to Instagram and Facebook every time you visit a restaurant or café? Here’s how to start your journey towards professional food photography and writing.

Social media provides an unlimited audience for entrepreneurs. You can use social media to market your own creative content in ways that previously required an advertising agency. Great images lead to lasting followers when it comes to social media. The first thing your readers will judge is the quality of your photos, so whether you're taking photos of your own dishes or those at your local café, you need a decent level of camera proficiency.

Learn to style your food

To get the best photos you'll need the right tools. A DSLR camera will always produce higher quality photos than a smartphone. Next, you'll need an understanding of lighting and framing, as well as some tricks of the trade when it comes to food photography. Le Cordon Bleu Australia offers two-day Food Photography and Styling workshops to teach you how to start taking professional food images. These insightful short courses will teach you food styling, how to use natural lighting and how to breathe new life into your images with post-processing.

Our students’ work is available for viewing on Instagram at hashtag #lcbphotoworkshop18.

Maximise your exposure on social media

Learn which channels are most popular, and maximise your presence on those platforms. While Instagram may be the number one choice for many foodies based on its image based format, Sensis reports that only 46 per cent of social media users have Instagram, whereas 94 per cent use Facebook. Use sharing functions on social media to post your content across multiple platforms to gain a wider reach.

Engage in a deeper conversation

A hero image is crucial, however without strong content to support the leading image, readers will lose interest in no time. Quality, informed and engaging writing is the backbone of a successful blog.

Food blogger and Le Cordon Bleu alumna Amanda McInerney built a whole new career as a professional food and travel writer from her blog, Lamb's Ears and Honey. After completing a Graduate Certificate in Gastronomy, Amanda started her blog which now has over 2261 Facebook followers. Further study at Le Cordon Bleu will give you a deeper understanding of the industry and enable you to write content with confidence.

Le Cordon Bleu short courses are offered around Australia, and include specialist bread making, food photography & styling  and food writing for media.

Visit our Short Courses page to see the exciting range of workshops currently on offer!

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