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A slice of the action for budding writers at Tasting Australia

Master's students connect at Adelaide events

In partnership with Tasting Australia, Le Cordon Bleu was delighted to offer passionate foodies and aspiring writers the chance to go behind the scenes at Australia’s leading gastronomic festival, Tasting Australia.

Twelve excited budding journalists joined the media corps reporting on Tasting Australia events, liaising with some of industry’s best chefs and winemakers to get the inside scoop for their articles. Workshop host, Food & Wine Journalist David Sly, said students were particularly impressed with the immersive nature of the experience, with opportunities to meet amazing people and attend leading events.

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Master's students connect at Adelaide events
Master's students connect at Adelaide events

“Participants in the 2018 Food and Wine Writing workshop enjoyed VIP access to incredible events - including a seat at the first of the Glasshouse Kitchen dinners - and also to speak with the key people featured in, and running the festival. The feedback and joyous responses from participants at the end of the three-day workshop indicates the recipe being offered by Le Cordon Bleu is absolutely right.” - Host, David Sly.

With their work published daily on Tasting Australia’s website, our budding journalists enjoyed a real-world taste of the writing, editing and publishing process. Workshop attendee Lynda Grace was thrilled with the support from Le Cordon Bleu facilitators throughout the learning experience.

I have always had the greatest respect for Food Writer, David Sly, and his generosity during this course exceeded my expectations. David and Sophie from Le Cordon Bleu were always there to support and connect us with the people and the places at Tasting Australia. This included the opportunity to meet other food writers in town and, of course, the student group itself has evolved into a network of like-minded individuals from all over the world.  Thank you to everyone involved!

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