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2020 FUKUBUKURO Campaign

2020 FUKUBUKURO Campaign

Le Cordon Bleu Japan is celebrating the year 2020 by offering a special Fukubukuro (lucky bag) to our diploma applicants. This 2020 Fukubukuro Campaign will run for three months. All students who apply for the Cuisine, Pastry, Bakery, Japanese Cuisine or Culinary Management Diploma programmes during this period will receive our Fukubukuro lucky bag, which includes one LCBJ tumbler, one LCBJ cooler bag, one mini-jam, one box of galette, one LCBJ café lunch meal and most importantly, one complimentary LCBJ Master Class!!

2020 FUKUBUKURO Campaign

CAMPAIGN PERIOD: January 6th, 2020 - March 31st, 2020
Cuisine, Pastry, Bakery, Japanese Cuisine and Culinary Management Diploma Programmes
Diploma program candidates applying for the 2020 April (Spring) term, up to the 2021 January (Winter) term, who make full payment during the 2020 Fukubukuro Campaign, will receive the Fukubukuro lucky bag.
Fukubukuro lucky bag (Original tumbler, original cooler bag, mini jam, special galette, one lunch voucher at Café Le Cordon Bleu, one master class invitation)

Contact us for more information
Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo Campus: tokyo@cordonbleu.edu




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