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Easter Themed Courses


Le Cordon Bleu London has some fantastic short courses designed to help you brush up your culinary skills in time for Easter this year.

If you’re hosting guests this Easter weekend and want to pull out all the stops then look no further than Le Cordon Bleu London’s Easter-themed masterclasses that will help prepare you for the long weekend.

Learn how to create your own delicious homemade chocolate treats with the Easter Chocolate short course on 25th March. Under the careful guidance of a master pastry chef, you will learn how to temper chocolate, create three varieties of truffle and a magnificent Easter Egg.

The Easter Baking course on 1st April is perfect for you to learn recipes and techniques which will add some flair to your Easter holiday. If you're looking for something extra special to serve, this hands-on class looks at classic Easter dishes with a twist. You’ll learn how to perfect several different occasional bakes using specific methods, including producing infused syrups, making enriched yeast dough and decoration using royal icing.

For anyone looking to take their cake decorating to the next level, the two week Cake Decorating course starting on 20th March has been designed to teach modern concepts of cake decorating, design, preparation, and provide an insight into fundamental business acumen. Through a combination of practical sessions, demonstrations and lectures, Le Cordon Bleu pastry chefs will impart their knowledge from years of industry experience. You will learn how to make cakes that not only taste great but look amazing.

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Guest Chef Andrej Urosevic

Guest Chef Andrej Urosevic

Le Cordon Bleu London are delighted to be joined by chef Andrej Urosevic, Angler, Certified Fish Sommelier and Advanced Master Fishmonger for a special culinary ...