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Complete A Globally Recognised Certificate
in 3 Months

3month basic program

What is so special about Le Cordon Bleu’s highly acclaimed 3 months basic course? You will be able to learn all Basic culinary techniques from Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs who have worked in the world’s finest kitchens and Michelin star restaurants in our fully equip facilities.

This comprehensive course sets the foundation of all culinary skills for cooking, pastries & bread making to help fulfil your dream, passion and to kick start your Culinary journey and be included as one of our Alumni of the most prestigious & recognised Culinary school in the world. This will be your passport to a world of career opportunities as a well as to start your own food business!

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*additional fees will be required for study tour & visit.

To sign up, please whatsapp us at +6019305 2586 or email to malaysia@cordonbleu.edu