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              Interview Preparation - The Basics

              Becoming a successful Le Cordon Bleu Graduate

              interview preparation - the basics

              Know your Industry

              Ensure you fully understand the industry in which you are seeking employment. Use the internet to research related industry associations, job descriptions and career paths and know what the expectations would be of you within that industry.

              Know the Company

              Research the company through the internet and by asking questions. Find out whether the company has won any awards, their history, new developments e.g.: new brand names they may have and use the information as a basis to ask questions during the interview. Showing that you have researched the company is a good way to show your commitment to getting the job.

              interview preparation - the basics

              Know Yourself

              The big one! You must know yourself and what you have to offer to an organisation. Understand why you are here, where you want to go and what you have to offer. Think: What am I good at? What would my friends say I am good at? What am I not so good at? What part do I play within a team? Why would I hire me?

              Pre-Interview Checklist

              Have you…

              In the next issue of ‘Becoming a successful Le Cordon Bleu Graduate’ we will look at the most commonly asked interview questions.

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