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Mitchell Turner

Le Cordon Bleu Australia Alumni Story

Le Cordon Bleu Sydney alumnus Mitchell Turner

Le Cordon Bleu Program:
Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management)
Graduating Year:

Mitchell Turner graduated from the Hotel & Resort management degree in 2006 at Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide and hit the ground with gusto... Passionate about the hospitality industry it wasn’t long before Mitchell was acting hotel manager with the InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) overseeing hotel operations including guest experience and employee engagement programs.  A move to Director of Rooms with IHG lead Mitchell to his current position at the Sofitel as Rooms Divisions Manager overseeing a team of 60 staff.

Mitchell put his success down to some key principles: humility, respect & loyalty.

Be humble and learn the ropes

You need to understand how each department in a major hotel runs before you can manage it! 

Loyalty - don’t go over your line manager’s head - be respectful of their position and loyal to the company. 

If you’re aspiring to a management position - speak with your supervisor, map out a development program and have it in writing.

The degree program has provided him with the foundation skills for become an effective hotelier with strong leadership values which have allowed him to build great collaborative relationships over the years

As an ambition hotelier, Mitchell spoke excitingly about his next stage of working in the hotel industry and the opportunity to be part of the Accor team’s strategic hotel development portfolio.  Something he is keen to pursue, drawing on his expertise gained over the years.

Mitchell said such an opportunity to develop formulated strategies and programs for future hotel facilities, services and market positioning is something he is greatly interested in.  He remembered fondly his Facilities and Property Development and Management classes with Le Cordon Bleu and still references his text books today...

never throw out your text books because you just never know when they’ll be needed

The hotel industry is a unique industry, if you’re dedicated, respectful and humble there are few limits to where it will take those with ambition and natural ability.

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