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  • Kitchens equipped with the latest technology in cooking systems offer a fast, precise, and highly energy efficient cooking method.

  • Both institutions reinforce their commitment to offer their students a first-class educational experience, providing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the gastronomic industry.

 Mexico. February 20, 2024. The Anahuac Norte University and Le Cordon Bleu inaugurate the new practice kitchens of the Faculty of Gastronomy and Tourism, which have high-tech equipment, unique in Latin America. These facilities not only represent a culinary learning space, but also mark a significant milestone in the evolution of culinary education in Latin America.

The kitchens are equipped with the latest technology in cooking systems, highlighting the Thermaline induction stoves, which offer a fast, precise, and highly energy-efficient cooking method. This technological advance positions Universidad Anahuac Norte as a pioneer in the teaching of gastronomy, providing students with the necessary tools to stand out in an increasingly competitive global market.

Additionally, the kitchens feature an innovative sensory room meticulously designed to enhance students' sensory capabilities in various activities, ranging from wine and food tastings to detailed sensory analysis. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and carefully designed to stimulate all the senses, this room offers a conducive environment for students to explore and develop their palate, smell, sight, and touch.

From the selection of ingredients to the final presentation of the dish, this comprehensive and enriching educational experience allows students to understand the importance of each element in creating an exceptional dining experience. Additionally, by encouraging mindfulness and sensory appreciation, this room enhances students' culinary skills and promotes a deeper understanding of food culture and gastronomy in general.

The director of the Faculty of Tourism and Gastronomy of the Anahuac University Mexico Norte y Sur, who expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement, emphasizing its importance as a milestone for culinary education in Mexico. These state-of-the-art facilities reflect the university's commitment to innovation and academic excellence, preparing future chefs to lead the culinary industry internationally.

The new technological kitchens represent a step forward for our institution and for the culinary panorama of Mexico. We are committed to providing our students with a first-class educational experience, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the global gastronomic industry. These new facilities will be the setting where our students' dreams are cooked, and the flavors of Mexico are celebrated. and the world.

The director Jose Angel Diaz Rebolledo expressed.

The alliance established more than 25 years ago between the Universidad Anahuac Mexico and Le Cordon Bleu Internacional has been transcendental in gastronomic education and the hospitality industry in Mexico. This pioneering collaboration has set the standard for the training of high-caliber professionals in the tourism-gastronomic areas. By uniting the prestigious history and quality standards of Le Cordon Bleu, founded in 1895 in Paris, with the academic excellence and comprehensive commitment of the Universidad Anahuac Mexico, with more than 60 years of experience, a unique differentiator that is being an added value to the academic offer.

This alliance not only provides degree programs, courses, and diplomas with the Le Cordon Bleu hallmark, but also offers students a world-class academic experience, supported by two internationally renowned institutions.