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For over 120 years, Le Cordon Bleu has placed his name into the culinary excellence.

We are pleased to share our experience with you through the Le Cordon Bleu Mexico Boutique. Here, you will find some of the products that will appeal to everyone, from the occasional tester to the one that have a gourmet experience.

In Le Cordon Bleu Mexico Boutique, which is located on the 3rd floor of the Engineering Laboratory of the Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte, you can find croissants, croque-monsieur, croque-madame, quiche, lasagna, panini, different types of baguettes, sesame bread with salmon, chocolatiers, chocolate and lemon muffin, salads, juices, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more.

Share your passion for good food and good living with Le Cordon Bleu!

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