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Our Chefs

Master Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu have extensive professional experience, most of them have worked in renowned restaurants and awarded by the Michelin Guide and many of them are winners of prestigious competitions.

Each School Cycle, Master Chefs will share their experiences and knowledge to teach you the most renowned French techniques of the past 500 years, giving you a wide range of knowledge applicable to any cuisine so you can develop a successful career.

Master Chefs currently teaching in Mexico are:

Chef Arnaud Guerpillon

Culinary Director

Chef Carlos Santos

Cuisine Chef Instructor

Chef Roni Kirkova

Pastry and Bakery Chef Instructor

Chef Edmundo Martínez

Production Chef

Chef Omar Morales

Cuisine Chef Instructor

Chef Cêdric Carême

Pastry and Bakery Chef Instructor

Chef Denis Delaval

Cuisine Chef Instructor

Chef Carlos Barrera

Cuisine Chef Instructor

Chef Richard LeCoq

Pastry and Bakery Chef Instructor

Sommelier Nora Grillone

Wine & Spirits Instructor