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The Diploma in Culinary Management has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in your culinary career, whether you aspire to own a food business or achieve in a managerial position within the restaurant industry.

Le Cordon Bleu's Diploma in Culinary Management is a full-time course that focuses on advanced culinary skills (modernist / molecular / multi-sensory techniques), gastronomy, creativity (developing recipes), business and restaurant management (designing menus, costing, and managing supply chain). By the end of the course, you will be able to demonstrate your innovative ideas in the setting up and development of your own business profile.

The Diploma in Culinary Management emphasises innovation, creativity, and application of theory to practice.

4 intakes each year: Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn

Key information

Duration: 3 months, approximately 200 hours
Fee: NTD $268,800 (Included ingredients, learning materials )
Entry requirements: Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine or Pâtisserie Diploma or Grand Diplôme or equivalent culinary qualification

Please note that in order to successfully complete culinary programmes at Le Cordon Bleu students may be required to handle live shellfish, prepare and use veal stock, take part in practical butchery classes on beef, pork and chicken, and handle alcoholic beverages within a culinary context which may be specific to their programme.

Course Details


    1.Culinary Innovation

    As the core module within the Diploma,this element provides students with an in-depth knowledge of innovative culinary techniques including sensory evaluation, evolution of world cuisine, recipe and menu development.

    2.Gastronomy & Food Trends

    Students will evaluate the cultural and social dimensions of global food trends, restaurant planning and food and wine menu design. Topics will include: influence of social trends on diet; food sourcing; sustainability; evolution of gastronomy and the development of eating habits across cultures.

    3.Menu Concepts & Marketing

    Teaches the importance of strategic marketing within the food industry examining how global trends influence customer behaviour. Students will gain an understanding of all aspects of the marketing mix: advertising, PR, branding and social media.

    4.Wine & Beverages

    Students will gain an insight into wine selection, wine service, food and wine pairing and management of wine. Taught by our wine experts, students will be introduced to wine in the context of a food business.

    5.Food & Beverage Cost Control

    Students will be taught the core aspects of cost control, planning, optimisation of resources, menu management and menu engineering to enable an operation to run efficiently, effectively and profitably.

    6.Professional Kitchen Management

    Effective kitchen management demands skills in team building and communication, this element of the diploma will provide students with these skills in order to operate a pro table and efficient kitchen.

    7.Food Hygiene & Safety

    With food safety being of principal importance within any food service operation, this unit covers the standards of food handling for culinary professionals.

    8.Business Environment

    Introduces students to the process of writing a business profile for their food business concept. Students will view food business through the eyes of an entrepreneur. Within the unit, students will design a business strategy for their food concept, consider legal requirements and gain a thorough understanding of how to design an effective business model.

    This course is ideal for Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts graduates or someone with an equivalent culinary qualification who wants to pursue their studies in the culinary management field.

    Students graduating from the course will be equipped with the skills to become managers in the hospitality and restaurant industries across the world, as well as business owners in their own right.

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