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              Developed by industry experts, the Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition & Food Trends has been created to respond to the growing demand in healthy food.

              "Seven in ten adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants
              than they did two years ago."
              National Restaurant Association

              The diploma ensures that future industry professionals can effectively respond to consumer interest in health, wellness and nutritious foods without compromising on sustainability or culinary creativity.

              The course integrates the principles of nutrition into culinary arts in order to create innovative, inspiring and highly nutritious meals. It aims at building a foundation which will enable you to progress in your future food industry career.

              This programme will provide a holistic approach to food and nutrition through lectures, culinary demonstrations and practical application.


              2 intakes each year: Spring and Autumn

              Key information

              Duration: 204 hours over 3 months
              Price: £6,000
              Diploma fees include: learning materials and uniform kit
              Hours per week: approximately 20 hours
              Entry requirements: high school diploma or equivalent, eligibility to study in the UK, evidence of English language. All students must be aged 18 years or over.

              Please note that in order to successfully complete our Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition & Food Trends, students will be required to handle live shellfish, prepare and use veal stock, take part in practical butchery classes on beef, pork and chicken, and handle alcoholic beverages within a culinary context.

              Diploma Details

              • Course Structure

                This Level 4 diploma is based on the principles of nutrition and food science, and their application within culinary arts. It addresses the following disciplines: health, science and gastronomy with an emphasis on nutrition. It also includes a broad base of knowledge related to the current food industry from a health and sustainability perspective. It is composed of: 

                • Gastronomy and Food Trends: understand the historic evolution of diet and human health to present and future visions.
                • Nutritional Principles: understand the foundation of nutrition by studying food preparation, analysis of diets and recipe modification. Digestion, absorption & metabolism will be studied in detail to gain an understanding of the nutrition lifecycle.
                • Science of Food: the science behind cooking is essential to understand food choice and how the body manages food. Food preservation, fermentation, and extractions of oils, herbs, spices and edible plants
                • Sustainable Food Systems: through a series of lectures the integration between sustainable food production, processing, manufacturing and distribution will be discussed from an environmental perspective.
                • Practical Nutrition: learn the practical application of nutritional theory with an emphasis on global flavours, diversity of ingredients, innovative recipes and seasonality of produce. The basic principles of nutrition will be applied to food and beverages, menu planning, and adapting recipes.
                • Food Safety & Microbiology: successful completion of the unit certifies students to Level 3 Award Food Hygiene in Catering, awarded by the (CIEH) Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.
                • Food Business, Media & Marketing: introduction to the business aspects of the food industry to hone the essential knowledge and skills of business practices and processes in the health food industry. Marketing, brand development and nutrition in the media will be focal points of this unit.
                • Nutrition, Communications & Research: this unit which is an integral part of the programme draws on current nutritional research and provides an aid to the assessment process. Students will complete a research project based on development of a health, wellness or nutritional food product or restaurant menu. All units of the programme will be integrated into this assessment.
              • Who is this programme for?

                The specialist diploma in gastronomy, nutrition and food trend is recommended for students who want to gain in-depth knowledge of nutrition and health when applied to culinary arts. We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. This programme is suitable if:

                • You are a professional chef or entrepreneur and wish to learn nutrition and diets foundations
                • You wish to enter a career working in a professional kitchen (restaurant or hotel, spa , wellness centre)
                • You wish to open your own business (eatery, juice bar, restaurant or shop) and want to promote nutritious food and their health benefits, sustainability and seasonality
                • Those with an interest in advancing their nutritional knowledge for personal or professional use
              • What qualifications will I gain?
                Successful graduates of the Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition and Food Trends will earn a Le Cordon Bleu qualification celebrated in many countries across the world.


                This diploma has been accredited under an “Investing in Quality” licence from national awarding organisation NCFE, and the course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 4 using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors.
              • Term dates & apply

                Term Dates & Prices

                Select a date
                Mar 20, 2017 - Jun 23, 2017 (Standard)
                £ 6,000.00
                Sep 11, 2017 - Dec 15, 2017 (Standard)
                £ 6,000.00
                Mar 19, 2018 - Jun 1, 2018 (Standard)
                £ 6,000.00
                Sep 10, 2018 - Nov 23, 2018 (Standard)
                £ 6,000.00

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