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Our wine and spirits programmes provide training with specific focus on a range of beverages. Courses range from introductory seminars, events and masterclasses to specialist certificates in wine and spirit knowledge.

About Sake

With proven experience in delivering quality culinary, hospitality and wine education, Le Cordon Bleu Japan is pleased to announce its new Japanese Sake programme. This course will cover a comprehensive range of topics from the cultural and historical origins, the brewing process, storage and handling, tasting and pairing. Students will gain a whole new appreciation of the many facets of the renowned national beverage of Japan.


  • Basic Sake Course

    The Le Cordon Bleu Basic Sake Course introduces students to the essentials of sake across a comprehensive range of topics from cultural and history, sake brewing and the practicalities of choosing, storing and serving a bottle of sake. Students will also learn tips on how sake can be appreciated with food.
    This course is ideal for enthusiasts and culinary professionals alike, who are seeking to take the first step into understanding sake. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive the Le Cordon Bleu Basic Certificate of Sake.

      Key Topics:
    • Sake brewing
    • Sake history
    • Grades of sake
    • Sake labels
    • Service and storage
    • Food and sake
    • Sake tasting