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As a founding member of the first college and faculty of gastronomic studies in Japan, Le Cordon Bleu responds to the universal need for global-minded, food industry experts with a higher education background.

Understanding and managing food holistically, as it becomes increasingly innovative, technologically driven, and cross-cultural, is crucial in upkeeping the sustainability of our food systems. This need extends to entrepreneurs and managers looking to create exciting new businesses in the industry.


Japan holds a lot of insight stemming from its rich culture of gastronomy and hospitality.
Studying at a prestigious Japanese University, leveraging Le Cordon Bleu’s history of educational excellence yields an educational experience that can turn you into a specialized food professional with a unique angle. Scroll down for a look at our higher education programmes.

Our Programmes

Meet Our Students

Meet some of the students who are working their way towards becoming the next leaders of the industry.

Worldwide Le Cordon Bleu Higher Education Graduates

“Food” is an increasingly important topic of our time as modern-day food issues become more complex. See how people like you are rising to the challenge.


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    Alumna Katrina Meynink, an accomplished food journalist, recipe developer and author of three popular books (Kitchen Coquette, Bistronomy French Food Unbound, and Lulu Le Baby Chef) talks about her life before and after Le Cordon Bleu.

    Katrina Meynink
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    After four years as a hotel sales executive in India, Anamika Setaluri travelled to Australia for a Master of International Hospitality Management at Le Cordon Bleu. Today, Anamika is thrilled to work as a Sales Specialist for Westin Melbourne (Marriott Group) with a bright future to match her bubbly personality.

    Anamika Setaluri
  • 58207

    A dream has come true for one of Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide’s first hospitality degree students. Justin Kim, who graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Restaurant Business and Management) in 2001, has been appointed General Manager of The Merchant House, a 47-suite boutique hotel managed by Campbell Gray Hotels, opening in Bahrain in October 2018.

    Justin Kim
  • 54122-02

    Yuvraj Pawar’s gift for leading people has seen him quickly rise through the ranks. With a Master in International Hospitality Management under his belt, his goal of being General Manager is closer than ever.

    Yuvraj Pawar

Our Partners

The educational experience we provide is tailored through collaborations with reputable academic institutions and industry experts.

Ritsumeikan Univercity

Ritsumeikan University is a private comprehensive educational institution in Japan with a rich history and legacy of tradition, established in 1869 in Kyoto. In 2014, Ritsumeikan University was selected as a Top Global University by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to promote the internationalization of education, and produce graduates who will become leaders in our continually globalizing world.

The Ritsumeikan Academy



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