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Le Cordon Bleu has been helping passionate students follow their culinary dreams over the last 125 years. Students come to Le Cordon Bleu from all walks of life. They are beginners enthusiastic about the culinary arts but utterly inexperienced; they are far along on one career path and ready for the next; they are established professionals seeking to improve themselves. Regardless of their ultimate goal – to run a restaurant or catering company, hotel or retail management, journalism, consulting, food styling – the students of Le Cordon Bleu come for the culinary education that will allow them to succeed.

Higher Education

Be a part of the new generation of innovative and creative food industry leaders, solving the complex food issues of today.


  • Karina Hirai_GD_2014
    My dream came true when I opened my own food startup ProntoChef in Brazil, a weekly dinner kit delivery service where clients receive recipes and all ingredients measured and ready for cooking at home.
    Karina Hirai, Brazil, Grand Diplome, 2014
  • Clara Shim
    The reason why I chose Japan is because I believe the Japanese food industry is unique there, especially its culture of elaborate and attentive customer service. However, my Japanese wasn’t proficient enough. Le Cordon Bleu Japan was great because they provided classes in English, so I was able study at this famous institution in Japan without any language barriers.
    Jeonghyeon Clara Shim - South Korea, Cuisine Diploma, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2015
  • Colby Davey_Cuisine Diploma 2014R
    Ask as many questions as you can to the teachers. They have such a wealth of knowledge in their area of expertise, and they are more than happy to explain things to you. I was nervous at first to ask ,but I learned not to be shy. If you are passionate about cooking, Le Cordon Bleu can help you build a foundation that will benefit you in the working world.
    Colby Davey, USA, Cuisine Diploma, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2014
  • Sarah Yam Bakery Diploma 2015
    Completing the Diploma in Boulangerie course in Le Cordon Bleu and having a book published were two of the key highlights in my life. Follow your heart and devote to work out what you love, I believe these are the keys. 
    Sarah Yam, Hong-Kong, Bakery Diploma, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2014
  • Marie Inoue_Cuisine
    Le Cordon Bleu Japan attracts students from everywhere. It allowed me to interact with people from different nationalities and expanded how I think about cuisine. I was born in the United States, but my mother is French–American and my father is Japanese. Having a tri-cultural background, I believe I really impart that into my cooking. After meeting so many different people at school, my view on cuisine is now so much broader.
    Mari Inoue – Japan, Grand Diplome & Bakery Diploma, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2014 &2015
  • mathiew Gana GDR
    I applied to Le Cordon Bleu Japan to pick up the skills necessary to make it as a professional chef. The shared goal of my family and myself is to eventually inherit, operate, and expand the operations of our family restaurant business. Everything I learned at the school, I can apply to the business; they are skills that high level professionals employ.
    Matthew Ma. Leandro Gana – Philippines, Grand Diplome, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2015

Alumni Stories

Discover “food” and change your future.
Those who come out of Le Cordon Bleu do not only become chefs.Striving toward their individual dreams and goals, the occupations of our graduates span a wide range.We can see that the “food industry” can involve a great many things by taking a look at our many graduates. These individuals have all studied at Le Cordon Bleu and these are their stories.


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