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Superior Cuisine Certificate


During Superior Cuisine, the students will apply advanced preparation and cooking techniques including butchery skills, vegetable garnishes, developing textures, personal creativity, and contemporary plate presentation. Students will master intricate culinary techniques and methods using high-end ingredients. Working as a team, students will plan and host a culinary event showcasing dishes of high quality and taste.

*Please note the intake dates may be subject to change. Were a change to occur, due to unforeseen events, the highest likelihood is that the change would not be for more than a day or two-variation.

Programme Details

  • Course Structure

    Superior Cuisine Certificate: 179 hours

    Core Objectives:

      Demonstrate a wide range of fundamental classical and contemporary cuisine techniques including
    • extending cooking techniques
    • molecular gastronomy
    • sous-vide
    • advanced butchery and fish filleting skills
    • specific preparation of cooking skills for vegetables and garnishes
    • compile classic and modern plating presentations
    • expressing creativity through recipe development & personal plating presentation
    • elaborating world flavours and texture techniques
    • seasonal and market influences on cuisine

    • Meet health safety and hygiene regulations
      Extrapolate personal kitchen organization and management skills
  • Who is the programme for?
    Prerequisite: Intermediate Cuisine Certificate
  • Term Dates & Apply
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