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Student event
  “Salon de Pâtisserie”

Student event  “Salon de Pâtisserie” ※The photos shown above are for illustration purposes only. The focus of the event will be bite-size desserts.


As part of our recently renewed regular pastry program, our superior class students will be holding a special event “Salon de Pâtisserie” for the very first time. Intended as a way for students to become familiar with teamwork and a professional approach to making a great number of various pastries over a short period of time, this event is also an opportunity for them to showcase what they have learned during the program. The “Salon de pâtisserie” will consist of a buffet offering 30 different types of sweets, including mini-cakes, chocolate bonbons, etc.


Salon de Pâtisserie

Date & time: March 21 (Thursday, public holiday), 14:30-16:30
Location: Tokyo school / 1F / “Cointreau” room
Admission fee: ¥1000
※ Pre-registration is required for admission to the event

• Participants must be 6 years old or above.
• Attendees may find themselves featured on our home page or on social media after the event.
• In the event of absence without prior notice, be aware your attendance will not be deferred to the next Salon de Pâtisserie.