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              Intermediate Japanese Cuisine Certificate


              In the Intermediate Japanese Cuisine Programme, students will continue to learn advanced techniques and traditional Japanese dishes at a higher level and apply them to regional Japanese cuisine. Students will also be introduced to Tea Kaiseki (cha-kaiseki) and participate in the tea ceremony and flower arrangement to gain an increased cultural awareness of Japanese cuisine concepts.

              Programme Details

              • COURSE STRUCTURE
                135 hours

                • Artistic vegetable cuts
                • Advanced fish preparation techniques eg fugu, eel
                • Advanced application of techniques to 3 major Japanese cuisine types
                  • Kyoto Cuisine (Kyo-ryori)
                  • Edo Cuisine (Edo-ryori)
                  • Osaka Cuisine (Osaka-ryori)
                • Advanced application of techniques to Japanese regional cuisines
                  • Northern Japan
                  • Kanto & Hokuriku
                  • Kansai, Chugoku & Shikoku
                  • Kyushu
                • Traditional Japanese New Year food (osechi- ryori)
                • Fermented foods – miso, shoyu and su
                • Marinated (aemono), vinegar based (sunomono) and pickled foods (tsukemono)
                • Cooking with fermented products – sake and sakekasu
                • Japanese desserts (mizumono)
                • Seasonal appetizer (sakizuke)
                • Wagashi
                • Cha-kaiseki
                • Tea ceremony & flower arrangement
                Industry Research:
                • Brewery visit
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                Prerequisite: Basic Cuisine Certificate
              • TERM DATES & APPLY

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                Jan 8, 2018 - Feb 10, 2018 (Intensive, in English, Japanese)
                ¥ 695,000