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              Initiation Japanese Cuisine Certificate


              This course introduces students to fundamental cooking techniques in Japanese cuisine. With a strong importance placed on understanding the underpinning philosophy of Japanese cuisine, the program also introduces students to the fundamentals such as hygiene, Japanese knife skills and cutting techniques, and the 5 key methods of cooking in Japanese cuisine.

              Programme Details

              • COURSE STRUCTURE
                129 hours

                • Introduction to Japanese cuisine
                • Introduction to Japanese knife techniques
                • Introduction to the Japanese kitchen
                • Basic knowledge of Japanese ingredients
                • Japanese stocks (dashi)
                • Japanese vegetable cuts
                • 5 Methods of Japanese cooking
                  • Cutting of raw materials (namamono)
                  • Simmering (nimono)
                  • Grilling and pan-frying (yakimono)
                  • Steaming (mushimono)
                  • Frying (agemono)
                • Soup in a bowl (wanmono)
                • Rice (gohanmono)
                • Sushi - maki zushi and inari zushi
                • Noodles (menmono)- soba
                • Japanese hot pot dishes (nabemono)
                • Japanese desserts (mizumono)
                • Seasonal appetizer (sakizuke)
                • Introduction to Japanese confectionary (wagashi)
                • Basic Japanese multicourse meals (ichiju-sansai)
                • Basic plating presentation
                • Japanese culinary terms
                • Food hygiene
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                Pre-requisite: None
              • TERM DATES & APPLY

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                Oct 3, 2017 - Nov 4, 2017 (Intensive, in English, Japanese)
                ¥ 985,000