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Gastronomy, Food Design, Science and Culture


Gastronomy represents the multidisciplinary study of the world of food, cuisine, culture and flavour. Our gastronomy programmes provide insights into cultural traditions, marketing, design and technical skills of food and beverage production.


  • Culture of French Gastronomy 2015 

    French Art de Vivre and Gastronomy: 30 hours
    Prerequisite: none

    The French Culture and Gastronomy class provides students with a knowledge of gastronomy and culture which provides greater theoretical insight into the appreciation of French food and culture.

    1. French Art de Vivre
    2. History of French Art de Vivre
    3. Terroir and Appellations – Wine & Cheese
    4. Regional Culinary Traditions and Customs in Festivals and Events
    5. The convivial spirit of the French Cuisine
    6. Art de la Table & Interior Design
    7. The Concept of Gastronomy
    8. Professionals in Gastronomy
    9. History of Restaurants and Cafés of Paris
    10. French Art de Vivre & Japan

    Graduation requirements: participants must attend more than 8 classes and succesfully pass the Final Exam.