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Continuing Education & Professional Development


A range of culinary and higher education programmes are offered to expand one’s knowledge, create opportunities, advance careers or take them in new directions, enhance skills and encourage new ways of thinking and understanding.

Series Professionnelles

  • Master Classes

    The Latest Expertise from Master Chefs 
    Each term, Le Cordon Bleu invites leading cuisine,Pâtisserie and Boulangerie master chefs to share their expertise and techniques. Students will prepare original recipes in practical classes under the guidance of these experts.

  • Workshops

    Fine-tune Your Techniques
    Workshops are led by Le Cordon Bleu master chefs and allow students a valuable opportunity to fine-tune specialist techniques in cuisine, pastry and bakery.

  • Ingredient Series

    Ingredient Series Classes are taught by leading specialists and allow participants to deepen their knowledge of ingredients, and their impact on cooking or baking processes. Classes are lecture-style but also incorporate demonstrations and tastings, with an interactive questions and answer period at the end of the class.

Short Courses