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At Le Cordon Bleu Japan, after students obtain their diplomas in Cuisine, Pastry, or Bakery, we offer them the opportunity to strive toward their goals through continued learning on their own. Graduates can improve their skills and increase their knowledge and ability.

Career Services are here for you as you enter the food industry as a professional on your path to success.

How We Can Help
1. Professional Experience Programme
2. Job Postings

1. Professional Experience Programme

We are pleased to offer our Professional Experience Programme (fees apply) to Le Cordon Bleu Japan graduates of Cuisine, Pastry, or Bakery with sufficient academic standing.

You will be given the chance to learn from top-tier chefs from a carefully selected roster of high level kitchens in hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, and bakeries. For students with professional aspirations, use this one-month programme to gain invaluable experience towards your new career.

Objectives and Eligibility

  1. Experience real kitchen environments through the Professional Experience Programme.
  2. Develop a network while working.
  3. Garner trust from our industry partners and develop industry connections.
  4. Learn Japanese etiquette and business manner as well as C.V. writing and interview skills through our special workshops.

Primary Industry Partners:

  • Hotels (Cuisine, Pastry, Bakery) : Foreign Hotel Groups, Domestic Hotel Groups, Resort Hotels, Auberges
  • Restaurants (Cuisine, Pastry, Bakery) : Michelin-star restaurants, famous chefs, famous restaurant brands
  • Specialty Shops : Famous pastry shops, bakeries, etc.


  1. Open to any nationality
  2. Diploma programme graduates with sufficient academic standing
  3. Conversational Japanese OR English (regardless of nationality)
  4. At the time of registration, you are either a current student of any diploma programme, or a graduate having completed a programme within the past 6 months
  5. Currently possess a valid visa to stay in Japan for the duration of the one-month programme or can obtain one
    For more information regarding visas:

  6. Valid insurance during stay in Japan
    ※Placement choices may be limited based on Japanese level

PE Programme Overview:

PE Programme Overview:

Programme Duration: 1 month
Programme Fee: 40,000JPY

2. Job Postings

Job Postings (for current students and graduates)

Job postings are available for students and graduates of Le Cordon Bleu Japan Tokyo School, primarily from the restaurant industry.
To view job postings, click on the Graduate Portal link below.

Posting Job Ads (for parties recruiting)

For industry parties interested in posting job information at our school, click the following Recruiter Portal below.