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              Basic Japanese Cuisine Certificate


              Students continue to develop their technical skills and build on their knowledge gained in Initiation Japanese Cuisine, using ingredients commonly found in Japanese cuisine, applying them to more complex recipes and learning about plating presentation in more detail. Students will also extend their awareness of ingredients including their cultivation and storage techniques.

               ※Please note that we do NOT accept any applications after June 10th 2017 if Cultural activity visa is needed. Please kindly apply for our next intake. Thank you very much.

              Programme Details

              • COURSE STRUCTURE
                135 hours

                • Japanese knife skills and techniques
                • Artistic vegetable peeling and cutting techniques
                • Extension of 5 methods of Japanese cooking
                  • Cutting of raw materials (namamono)
                  • Simmering (nimono)
                  • Grilling and pan-frying (yakimono)
                  • Steaming (mushimono)
                  • Frying (agemono)
                • Rice (gohanmono)
                • Sushi - . nigiri-zushi
                • Noodles (menmono) - udon
                • Processed food made from fish paste (nerimono)
                • Japanese desserts (mizumono)
                • Seasonal appetizer (sakizuke)
                • Wagashi
                • Fish processing and storage techniques
                • Developing plating presentation
                • Developing Japanese multicourse meals (ichiju-sansai)
                • Japanese culinary terms
              • WHO IS THE PROGRAMME FOR?
                Prerequisite: Initiation Japanese Cuisine Certificate
              • TERM DATES & APPLY

                Term Dates & Prices

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                May 21, 2018 - Jun 29, 2018 (Intensive, in English, Japanese)
                ¥ 685,000