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Bakery Diploma


【NOTICE】Le Cordon Bleu Japan will be closing its Bakery Programme by June 30th 2020.
Le Cordon Bleu remains devoted to the teaching of Bakery, notably in our Paris and Shanghai campuses. Please kindly reach us at: 

The Bakery Diploma is awarded to students who have completed the Basic and Advanced Bakery Certificates. Under the guidance and instruction of leading bakery chefs, students progressively learn to master the techniques and methods used to produce a diverse range of French breads and pastries found in leading French bakeries. All bakery classes are taught in 6 hour workshop classes, learning and practicing simultaneously.

Programme Details

  • Course Structure

    Basic Bakery Certificate: 121.5 hours

    Core Objectives

    • Demonstrate basic bakery preparations and techniques including :
      • Ingredient functionality including flour technology, yeasts, grains, sugar, salt, milk powder, malt, gluten powder
      • Introduction to regional breads including couronne bordelaise
      • Mixing and kneading techniques by hand and machine
      • Classic façonnage techniques including boulage and tressage
      • Typical/traditional French breads (ex. baguette tradition, bread shaped like an ear of wheat, fougasse)
      • Special French breads including rye bread, wholewheat bread
      • Different types of fermentation (including poolish, fermented dough) and baking processes
      • Viennoiseries - including croissant, brioche, milk bread, couque, etc.
      • Decorative bread techniques
      • Pâte morte, surprise bread
    • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Teamworks skills

    Advanced Bakery Certificate: 120 hours

    Core Objectives

    • Demonstrate advanced bakery preparations and techniques including :
      • Culture of leaven, liquid leaven and feeder schedule
      • Autolyse techniques
      • Poolishing techniques
      • Bassinage techniques
      • Use of professional machinery
      • Use of different types of flours including buckwheat, rye, etc.
      • Different types of tourage
      • Tourage techniques
    • Regional viennoiserie specialties (sweet and savory)
    • Bakery event planning and preparation
      • Baking techniques using molds
      • Decorative bread pieces
    • Meet health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Teamworks skills
  • Who is the programme for?
    Prerequisite: None
  • What qualification will I gain?
    Bakery Dipoma


  • Sarah Yam Bakery Diploma 2015
    Completing the Diploma in Boulangerie course in Le Cordon Bleu and having a book published were two of the key highlights in my life. Follow your heart and devote to work out what you love, I believe these are the keys. 
    Sarah Yam, Hong-Kong, Bakery Diploma, Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2014
  • Josef Witana_R
    The speed of the general class and the tight schedule. Overcoming it comes to your dedication and love for what you are doing. When one does what he loves doing, I believe one is able to persevere and tackle any challenges without getting bored and giving up. Never get stressed, gauge the extent of your own abilities and focus on doing the little things correctly. Speed comes naturally but techniques are to be mastered.
    Josef Witana, Indonesia, Pastry Sous-Chef at Two Rooms, Aoyama, Tokyo, Pastry Diploma & Bakery Diploma,Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, 2014

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