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Le Cordon Bleu
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              Chilled rice in jasmine-scented water served with a variety of condiments

              To celebrate Songkran Festival with its traditional dishes we will feature chilled rice in jasmine-scented water served with a variety of condiments called “Khao Chae” which originated from the Mon people who traditionally cooked for the god during Songkran.

              In April 2017, it’s time to refresh your summer with cooling rice “Khao Chae” by our Thai Cuisine Chef Instructor. Enjoy making “Khao Chae” and learning secret techniques from a complicated procedure that prepares you to stay cool during the summer season!

              Our “Khao Chae” consist of Chilled rice in jasmine-scented water with Stuffed green bell pepper, Sweet threads pork, Stuffed shallot, Shrimp paste ball, Sweet preserved Chinese radish, and Vegetable craving


              • Jasmine scented water
              • Shrimp paste ball
              • Stuffed shallot
              • Sweet preserved Chinese radish


              • Rice cooking
              • Stuffed green bell pepper
              • Sweet thread pork
              • Making special fruit and vegetable carving for Khao Chae
              • Serve Khao Chae with condiments
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