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Vegetarian cuisine classes with Le Cordon Bleu

Vegetarian cuisine programmes: Cook healthily and deliciously

Vegetarian cuisine is more than just a trend: It has become an essential part of every restaurant's menu. It's only logical that most culinary arts schools provide vegetarian cuisine classes and Le Cordon Bleu Paris is proud to provide a range of vegetarian cuisine programmes, culinary workshops on nutrition, and cuisine programmes on vegetarianism and veganism.

Vegetarian cuisine: The field of possibilities is wide open

Once reduced to a diet based on vegetables and legumes, vegetarian cuisine now opens up a world of possibilities. To cook vegetarian dishes correctly, you don't just need to know about vegetables, you also need to understand why this diet has become so popular and developed to the point where you can now find exclusively vegetarian restaurants.


Vegetarian cuisine programmes at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Le Cordon Bleu Paris offers a range of programmes based on vegetarian cuisine. From complete culinary programmes to courses focusing on vegetarian cuisine, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts

The Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts (Diplôme d’Alimentation Végétale et Gastronomie) is aimed at culinary enthusiasts who want to be more involved in choosing the ingredients that go into their dishes. In vegetarian cuisine, the quality of the ingredients is essential, as it contributes to the unique flavour of dishes.

 Creativity and health are at the heart of this programme, and our Chef Instructors strive to pass on their love of cuisine to all students through exciting and interactive classes.

A diploma is awarded at the end of the 3-month programme. Tuition fees are 9 800 € (including application fee) + 1,300 € for the student kit (new students only).


Diplôme de Cuisine

The Cuisine Diploma (Diplôme de Cuisine) is Le Cordon Bleu Paris' most versatile programme. Students spend 9 months exploring all aspects of the culinary arts, including vegetarian cuisine. A visit to the school's vegetable roof garden is included with the aim of providing students with a better understanding of how to prepare dishes using vegetables.

Intermediate level focuses on pesco-vegetarianism, with classes on the use of vegetables and seafood. There are many different types of vegetarianism, and diets, just like culinary concepts, are constantly evolving!

Superior level gives free rein to the imagination of students who have already gained a wealth of experience. They will be assessed on their ability to convey their identity through classic dishes revisited in a contemporary way, on the aesthetic presentation of their dishes and on their mastery of culinary techniques.

There are five intakes every year. All cost a total of 34,000 € (including application fee), but some are intensive programmes (6 months for the intensive programme, 9 months for the standard programme).

Cordon Vert® Workshop, Vegetarian Cuisine

The 2h30 Cordon Vert® workshop is open to all. The aim is to learn how to make two vegetarian recipes in a short space of time under the supervision of Chefs who will pass on their know-how and passion for cuisine and fresh produce. You will then leave with the dishes you have skilfully concocted.

The Cordon Vert® workshop is suitable for all. It is taught by Chefs who specialise in healthy eating and using animal-friendly ingredients. To ensure that fresh produce is always used, the menu varies according to the season. For example, on 20 July, students will use garden tomato medley, creamy burrata, basil, black olives, pomegranate red pesto & raspberries.

Workshop price: 160 €