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Thai Cuisine Dishes "Sam Rub Lunch" by Toey Watcharapong

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Toey Watcharapong Prasert, alumnus of the Professional Thai Cuisine Program, shares his experience of making an important piece of Thai food under the name “Sam Rub lunch” to present in term 3 of the practical examination.

Inspired by family dining where each family member has different preferences for dishes when having to eat together, Toey chooses to present a traditional Thai cuisine dish called “Sam Rub” which combines dishes that family members can easily enjoy, eat together and the dishes have complete nutritional value. Toey has presented a composition of 3 dishes that are compatible in terms of blending of flavors - a selection of food types, including dips, curry dishes and fried dishes with vegetable accompaniments.

For the Thai dipping sauce, I chose to make "Crab Meat in Coconut Milk Dip" served with a side of vegetables. It gives off the aromatic flavor that contrasts with "Shrimp Paste Chili with Beef Curry" or Kaeng Ranjuan which is a sour and salty curry dish with a refreshing herbal aroma. For the fried dish, I chose to make “Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce served with Sour Mango Salad with Somsa", a dish that helps strengthen the immune system with protein from the fish and vitamin C from the sour mango and orange juice; this dish has nutritional value.

The whole process of making the lunch starts with stewing the meat first to make the meat tender. Then take the stock from the boiled meat to make a broth for the curry. While waiting for the meat to be tender, simmer the crab meat until it's cooked. The simmered crab dip is not served hot and must be served at room temperature. It takes time for the crab to cool down. After simmering the crabs, we start to prepare the herbs for each dish, both in Ranjuan curry that uses quite a lot of herbs and side vegetables for the crab dish, which must all be cut, prepared and set aside.


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