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Home-Grown Vegetable Garden Fieldtrip and Mini Market Visit for Thai Cuisine Programme

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Le Cordon Bleu Dusit took the Professional Thai Cuisine students to a Home-Grown Vegetable Garden Fieldtrip and held a mini market in a classroom to allow them to learn profoundly about Thai ingredients.

As a part of the important instructions for Thai Cuisine programme,
Chef Atikhun Tantrakool, our Thai Cuisine Chef Instructor, created an exciting learning atmosphere outside the classroom for Thai Cuisine students. The Thai Cuisine students were taken to a fieldtrip at the vegetable garden and mini market for experiencing and getting to know more about the variety of Thai vegetable, fruits, herbs and flowers planted at the school’s green wall area on 18th Floor by its appearance, smell, color and savor before using them for cooking or food decorations. The students also got a chance to hold and touch the real plant and its flowers.

Chef explained about the origin of each vegetation which have been popular for home-growing among Thai people and easy to use for cooking at home. Chef also mentioned about the culture of eating herbs and vegetables of Thai people that has been inherited for a long time and its origin from our neighboring countries until it had become one of the well-known local dishes for each region in Thailand.

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