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              Celebrity Alumni Dato' Fazley Yaakob conducts a grand performance in cooking & singing

              Le Cordon Bleu Sydney
              Le Cordon Bleu Celebrity Alumni Dato' Fazley Yaakob conducts a grand performance in cooking & singing

              Celebrity Chef Fazley Yaakob took some timeout to visit Le Cordon Bleu Sydney.

              To the great delight of the students, Chef Fazely created a dish from his latest cook book “my Sucre story” Daging Salai bersama Éclair Panggang or Smoked Beef with Toasted Éclair, with the assistance of Le Cordon Bleu’s acting head chef of cuisine Steven Belcher

              Dato’ Fazley, completed his basic and intermediate pastry studies at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia and then when onto complete his superior level at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

              The cooking demonstration was given to an appreciative audience who had the privilege of interacting with Chef Fazley as he invited them to smell and touch the different aromas and textures of the dish.

              Many students also took the opportunity to ask Chef technical questions.

              Chef Fazley was accompanied by his entourage which included his photographer and social media adviser as well as his creative director Imran Ajmain.

              A Le Cordon Bleu student, whom was familiar with the Chef in Malaysia and a fan of his musical work, asked him to sing, which he obliged.  Believing it would only be fair to sing in a language that no one else would understand, he sang a classical Spanish tune.

              Lastly acting program manager Karen Doyle provided Dato Fazely with a unique Australian gift, an Akubra hat in appreciation of his culinary presentation.

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