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Le Cordon Bleu Anáhuac Students in Millesime Mexico 2018

After the great success of the Millesime Mexico event, and the participation of Le Cordon Bleu Mexico. It was a moment of learning and new experience. Some representatives of Le Cordon Bleu Mexico tell us about their experience.

Lilia Jiménez

She tells us that Le Cordon Bleu provided her with the basic cooking techniques and tools, in order to face such a challenging and big event like Millesime México. Also, during her participation, she found the importance and necessity of being an orderly, dynamic and creative person in the kitchen.

"These are the experiences that Le Cordon Bleu Mexico and its chefs’ instructors give you."

Rodolfo Laines

His experience was exceptional, Rodolfo was able to understand the processes necessary to attend a high-end event, and thus, be able to plan and develop in advance, an effective execution.

"During the three days, it showed me the dedication and responsibility of this profession, this helped me understand that part of the job."

Luis Fernando Garcés

He acquired new experiences thanks to his training and assistance in Millesime. Now, he feels familiar with the organization and service that must be maintained in Millesime.

"It opened my mind to more real situations"

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