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The latest news from our roof garden

roof garden at le cordon bleu london

It has been wonderful to see so many chefs and students on the rooftop during the last month. Even though the weather hasn’t been fantastic, the plants have been enjoying the extra rainfall and are now ready for harvest.

So what’s new?

What’s ready to be harvested?

Finally, there have been a few additions to the garden. Elaine’s quinoa, amaranth and stevia have been planted, along with Le Cordon Bleu's Master Chef Eric’s salad burnet and angelica. These plants are young and not ready for harvest until the autumn. Still to come — wild garlic and buckwheat will be introduced in the weeks ahead. Sean, head gardener on behalf of InMidTown.org, says: "The fennel has reached monstrous proportions and is two metres tall. The flowers are just beginning to form so if you are after some garnish, now is the time to head upstairs. In two weeks, the fennel will be in full, yellow bloom and the flowers are edible. Finally, the wildflower meadow is in bloom and full of bees, insects and other wildlife."

Follow Sean on Twitter @urbanskyfarmers and view some pictures below.

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