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New Podcast Episode: Elaine McCarthy



Elaine McCarthy, Programme Development Manager for Le Cordon Bleu London, is the latest guest to feature on Beyond Food & Wine: A Le Cordon Bleu Podcast.

Elaine has extensive experience in both front and back of house, including running her own restaurant and wine bar in Ireland for eight years. After many years of successful business, she joined a prestigious Swiss Hospitality School where she ran the culinary programmes across two campuses, whilst achieving a Master of Science degree in Food Product Development. Elaine is a fully qualified teacher and joined Le Cordon Bleu London teaching team in 2013.

In this episode, we discuss Elaine’s fascinating career, industry trends, ways hospitality is evolving and how that informs the programmes developed for Le Cordon Bleu and her thoughts on the future of the industry.

This episode is the twelfth in the season, with other episodes including guests Michel Roux Jr., Asma Khan, Chris Galvin, Nancy Silverton, Ollie Dabbous and John Williams MBE. All episodes are available to stream through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor and Spotify. You can view all episodes available here.

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