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Pati Jinich: Mexican cuisine demonstration

Chef Pati Jinich in front of Le Cordon Bleu London audience

After the success of last year’s Mexican demonstration in which chefs Fernando Hernandez and Eli Lopez from Le Cordon Bleu Mexico introduced our guests to the delights of Yucatan cuisine and pâtisserie, we thought it was about time that the delicious flavours of the beautiful region graced our kitchens again.

On Tuesday 15th August 2017, Le Cordon Bleu London welcomed acclaimed chef, author and TV host Pati Jinich to our school to host another exciting evening of Mexican cuisine. Proven to be a leader in delivering authentic Mexican dishes and Latin culture to a national audience, Pati allowed our guests to plunge into the delicious and fascinating world of the North-American country’s gastronomy, known for its ample ingredient combinations, its pre-hispanic influences, and the use of exotic condiments.

Pati is the popular host of her own successful cooking series, Pati’s Mexican Table, which is now in its sixth season. The show has twice been nominated for the Emmy Awards, and won the 2016 Imagen Award for Best National Informational Programme, amongst others. The show consists of a series of live cooking demonstrations and tasting dinners, captivating Mexico’s diverse and rich culture, and all that Latinos in America bring to the table (literally!).

During the guest chef demonstration, Pati introduced our audience to the evolution of Mexican gastronomy, a cuisine of which was included by UNESCO in 2010, on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and she also showcased the beautiful flavours of her Mexican recipes.

Pati made two popular Mexican dishes; Entomatadas con Camarones, which is Shrimp Enchiladas in a Rich Tomato Sauce, and Ceviche Que Te Mueres, which simply translates as To Die for Ceviche, and this was by no means an understatement! The raw red snapper was cured in orange and lime juices, and the seasoning included Mexican classics like Jalapenos, making the dish burst with heat and flavour.

It really was an inspiring demonstration as the love that Pati has for Mexican cuisine could literally be felt through her delicious dishes, so it is no wonder why Pati has become such a prolific figure in America for championing the food and culture of her origin.

Le Cordon Bleu London would like to send out a massive thank you to Chef Pati Jinich and the Mexican Embassy, for visiting us and bringing a taste of North-America to our school. We are sure that our guests left inspired and amazed at the delicious tasters that they were lucky enough to try!

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