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Nurilkarim, the Star R.AGE Food Fight Champion

The Star R.AGE Food Fight Competition

Here's to the Winner ! Penang based Chef Nurilkarim Razha emerges as the champion for The Star R.AGE Food Fight. His dish, succulent baked cod with prawn otak-otak and ulam pesto, catches the eye and heart of all the judges and the live audience in Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia campus, where the competition was held in.

It was a tight competition between him and Ahong Yeang, the first runner up who dished up a plate of roast chicken in coconut gravy with chicken skin crisp. With the main ingredient in hand, which is the palm oil, the third place goes to home baker and food stylist Li-Anne Kuek. Her dish was a pumpkin loaf with white chocolate ganache, milk crumble and honeycomb.

Malaysian celebrity chef, Chef Wan, commented that he was impressed by Nurilkarim knowledge and cooking styles, also calling him as "the whole package" for the face of Malaysian cuisine. Judges for the competition, besides Chef Wan, consist of food blogger, KYSpeaks, Radio DJ and alumni of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, Chef Liang, Technical Director of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, Chef Rodolphe Onno, Restaurant owner and Alumni of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Chef Darren Chin.

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