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“Ode à la truffe” (Ode to the Truffle): a book dedicated to the black diamond

“Ode à la truffe” (Ode to the Truffle): a book dedicated to the black diamond

The history of the truffle, with stunning photographs and new recipes by leading Chefs.

Eric Briffard - Ode à la truffeSerge Desazars has been passionate about truffles for almost twenty years, their cultivation, their history, recipes, so much so that he turned them into his profession. After 15 years spent working in fashion and luxury, he left the industry to devote himself to launching and developing the Baron de la Truffe, France’s leading truffle business, totalling almost 60 hectares, which is now Organic.

Today, he wants to share his passion with the publication “Ode à la truffe” (Ode to the Truffle), a work dedicated to the black diamond.

“I want this book to take the reader on a gourmet journey through the magical landscapes of the Touraine, truffle oaks, sleepy valleys, the limestone soils which conceal the famous black diamond. Mr. Pierre Mauléon, the father of truffle cultivation since 1791, whose estate is located just one mile away, was the first to recognize the huge truffle potential our terroirs possess. This terroir and its landscapes are now part of my daily existence. The photos by Chanel Koehl, a native of the region, take the reader on a poetic journey through Rabelais’ homeland, with its slate roofs and tufa walls”, stated Serge Desazars.

The book recounts the many facets of the truffle through its history, its terroir and recipes especially created by leading Chefs.

26 original recipes, developed to bring out the very best of this exceptional product: several recipes which are a must from the father of French gastronomy, Mr. Auguste Escoffier, creations by Yannick Alléno, Le Cordon Bleu Chefs, Thomas Boullault, a Michelin-starred Chef from Parisian restaurant L’Arôme, and one by Kelly Rangama, a contestant on the Top Chef 2016 television programme.

Le Cordon Bleu institute, the leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institutes, under the leadership of Executive Chef Éric Briffard, also contributed to the book by adding a new style to some of the great cuisine classics, with 12 truffle recipes.

Le Cordon Bleu institute is delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in this publication with Le Baron de la Truffe. Working with a producer like Serge Desazars and sharing the knowledge of an exceptional product like the truffle is in perfect harmony with the make-up of our DNA: transmitting French culture and expertise

stated Eric Briffard, One of the Best Craftmen in France.

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Editions Sutton
Collection: Beaux-Lires
208 pages, 210x270 mm
Matt coated paper 150 g
Bound, full-colour, jacket, bookmark, spot varnish UV3D
Price (VAT included): €32

Forthcoming publication of ‘Ode à la Truffe’ (Ode to the Truffle) in English (2018)

Photo credits: Chanel Koehl

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